In 2009, three young chaps found themselves on an abandoned miniature golf course in Spooner, Wisconsin. A friendly game quickly turned competitive and an annual camping trip became what is today:

The Longest Mini Golf Tournament Ever Played  



When us three chaps think about what's become a historic miniature golf tournament, we think about friendship. We think about coming together as a group to laugh about the items that only we would find funny, to talk about life and career aspirations, and to talk about the important things in life that define us as individuals. 

We decided after college that each year we'd make time for a camping trip. However, the camping trip quickly evolved in the backwoods of northern Wisconsin when a friendly competition was discovered. Over the first three years we discover the random, lucky and skillful joys of one of America's great pastimes. The collision of a colored golf ball hitting brick as it bounces out of bounds, the ball rolling around the rim of the cup, or the loud knock as a ball bounces off a tin barrier are all familiar sounds on these annual trips - but more than that are the chirping birds, echoes of belly aching laughter, and fleeting moments of absolute freedom that help set the narrative of what it's like to live in the United State of America.

The group has looped around beautiful Lake Tahoe, seen the beauty of middle America in Kansas City, explored the historic port city of San Francisco and has mini golfed alongside both coasts of the U.S. in San Diego and Maine. All through one of America's unique pastimes - putt putt golf. We invite you to follow our journey here on our website and on our instagram @theminigolfguys. More importantly, we urge you to go talk to those you are closest with and start your own tradition of getting together for planned gatherings.