What should TMGG do in Virginia? Your advice is wanted!

Aside from passing by the border on road trips to other places, Virginia will be a new place for all three of The Mini Golf Guys (TMGG). With that said, we need your help making sure we don’t miss out on anything amazing!

  • What should we do?

  • Where do we need to eat?

  • What places do we need to get to?

  • Any great breweries that we can’t miss?

  • Any sports games we should make?

  • A tour that is too good for us not to take?

  • Art installations that’ll be memorable forever?

Currently our plan is to fly into Washington D.C. and drive into Richmond for a couple nights before spending our last couple of nights in Virginia Beach / Norfolk area.

We have found quite a few mini golf courses along the path, and you can see them on our Virginia page. If you know of other courses, please let us know!

And, of course we’re going to stop in and visit our friends at Children’s Home Society of Virginia (CHSVA) while in Richmond. Aside from mini golf and our visit with CHSVA, we’re wide open to experiencing the best things possible in Virginia!

SO – we have five days in Virginia, what do you suggest we do?

We’ll be asking for your help on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and of course you can email us at hello@theminigolfguys.com! Below we’ll update this blog post with some of your suggestions!