Planning is done, the tourney starts Thursday

The planning is in, and The Mini Golf Guys are ready for the 2018 trip! We have nearly 30 courses planned, starting in the southern tip and heading toward Bangor / Bar Harbor. Below is a quick look at the courses and agenda. If you have any great ideas for things we should do, be sure to comment on our Instagram, comment on this story or e-mail one of us! 


Arrive in Boston where we’ll stay downtown. The only plans for the night is to check out Boston’s oldest bar, Bell in Hand Tavern. 


We’ll be hitting up a bunch of courses on this day as we get started and enter the great state of Maine for the first time as a group. A couple exciting highlights for this day include some really unique looking eastern seaboard courses in Schooner and Martel’s, and we’re very excited about our stop at Tabers. The owner mentioned that some of the locals who play in a league at the course might be joining us. Hopefully more details to come! It should work out well for us, as we’re spending the night on a riverfront home in Auburn. 

Mini Golf Courses in Wells, Moody, Saco, Portland and Auburn areas

  • Wells Beach Resort Campground (Wells, Maine)
  • Wonder Mountain Fun park (Moody, Maine)
  • Schooner Miniature Golf (Saco, Maine)
  • Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf (Old Orchard Beach, Maine)
  • Martel’s Ice Cream (Saco, Maine)
  • Maine Indoor Karting (Scarborough, Maine)
  • Roys Allsteak Hamburgers and Golf Center (Auburn, Maine)
  • Tabers Restaurant and Golf (Auburn, Maine)


The pace will keep up on the second date, but really the highlight of the trip should be the first media interview in The Mini Golf Guys history as we’ve been in touch with a reporter out of WABI TV5 in Bangor. Additional fun should be checking out Gifford’s, which is the official ice cream of the Boston Bruins, but also home of two old school roadside attraction type of courses that should be memorable. The Benton Family Fun Park is another that should be a wonderful time, as the owner Tim contacted us and invited us to reach out to him prior to our arrival. One thing we could use some help with, does anyone know anything about Deb’s Ice Cream & Mini Golf in Randolph? We can’t seem to get an answer when we call. Hopefully they’ll be open! We’re excited not just to be interviewed for TV5, but we’ll be staying locally that night. No doubt they’ll have three eager chaps watching anxiously. 

Mini Golf Courses in Randolph, Benton and Bangor areas

  • Deb’s Ice Cream & Mini Golf (Randolph, Maine)
  • Gifford’s Mini Golf & Batting (Waterville, Maine)
  • Benton Family Fun park (Benton, Maine)
  • Gifford’s Ice Cream (Skowhegan, Maine)
  • Blackbeard’s (Bangor, Maine)
  • Traditions Golf Center (Holden, Maine)
  • The Sports Arena (Hermon, Maine)


Our lowest key day of the trip will be the slide south from Bangor to Bar Harbor, where we’ll be spending Saturday night. There are only two courses on the route, meaning we might get a couple rounds in at each. More importantly for that night, all sources look like we might be enjoying some local lobster while on the island. Yum. Checking out Acadia National Park should be pretty amazing two.  

Mini Golf Courses near Bar Harbor 

  • Wild Acadia Fun Park & Water Slides (Trenton, Maine) 
  • Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf (Bar Harbor, Maine) 


This looks to be the busiest day of the trip as we head clear across Maine back to where we started. We’ll be spending the night in Saco, and hitting nine courses en route, likely starting with some A.M. golfing in the lovely city of Rockport. One of the highlights of the trip will be Steamboat Landing, which looks from the outside to be the coolest course we’ll hit on the trip. The place looks gorgeous. 

Mini Golf Courses near Rockport and Brunswick

  • Golfer’s Crossing (Rockport, Maine)
  • Rockport Mini Golf (Rockport, Maine)  
  • Dolphin Mini Golf (Boothbay, Maine)
  • Bath Golf Club (Bath, Maine)
  • Sandbaggers Driving Range & Mini Golf (Brunswick, Maine) 
  • Poland Springs Resort (Poland, Maine)
  • Steamboat Landing (Naples, Maine)
  • Point Sebago (Casco, Maine) - if we can get in, private club..
  • Seacoast Adventure (Windham, Maine)


The final day will have no letdowns as we’ll be finishing with some pretty classic courses. The first of which is Shaw’s Ridge. The place appears to have all of my favorite things - barbecue food, ice cream and, of course, mini golf. They’re offering us exclusive access to the course even though it will be closed, which is amazing. The year will finish with the famous Shipwrcked Mini Golf in Lebanon where the ring will be passed to the next winner.  

Mini Golf Courses in Sanford and Lebanon Maine

  • Shaw’s Ridge Farm Ice Cream, BBQ Barn & Mini Golf (Sanford, Maine)
  • Mountain View Golf Range (Sanford, Maine) 
  • Shipwrecked Mini GOlf at Salmon Falls River Camping Resort (Lebanon, Maine) 


It’s not too late to help us making this trip even better! E-mail with any suggestions on places to stay, comment on this story or comment on one of our Instagram posts, @TheMiniGolfGuys.