The Mini Golf Guys make TV debut

Day two of #MiniInMaine brought things to a new level - we were lucky enough to meet three of the ~40 people who work at the corporate office at Gifford’s Ice Cream in Skowhegan and we made our small screen debut as we met Morgan Sturdivant from WABI TV5 in Bangor. 

Sturdivant took the time to take a shot on the course with us, and did a great job telling our story. It played on the 5, 6 and 11 p.m. news on the local station, and the full story can be found on the WABI website. There’s even a teaser video of what showed up on the 5 p.m. news. Big thanks to Morgan, Angela and everyone else at WABI for showcasing our story. 

The stop at Gifford’s was cool for us as JC, Sadie and Sam made time to welcome us to their original course, which the family business took over more than 30 years ago. JC and Sadie joined us for a group photo, the one you see above. We also visited their course in Waterville, but were unfortuantely rained out before we finished it. The ice cream, though, was delicious (Tony enjoyed the Maine Wild Blueberry flavor with Caramel Sea Salt Truffle). We are also enjoying the t-shirts and hats they gave us. Thanks guys! It’s cool to see a brand like that, which is the official ice cream of the Boston Bruins, following our experience.

We also visited Benton Family Fun Park, Blackbeard’s and The Sports Arena, which were all awesome. We met the owners of the first two and spent time with a great bartender, Brent, at The Sports Arena, who recognized us the moment we talked in from our WABI TV5 appearance earlier in the night.

As for results - more of the same. Tony is up by nine over Alex and 25 over Mike. The fourth consecutive year of Tony winning is looking more and more realistic. As a whole, we have just under 2,000 strokes through two days. That’ll slow as we have a short day coming around tomorrow, before the marathon day on Sunday, and another short day Monday. More to come!  

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Morgan Sturdivant, from WABI TV5 in Bangor, joined us today on the course for our first TV interview!

Morgan Sturdivant, from WABI TV5 in Bangor, joined us today on the course for our first TV interview!