50th anniversary celebration planned for South Carolina

The Mini Golf Guys Year 50 Banner.jpg

The 50th year celebration for The Mini Golf Guys is slated for May 11 in the year 2058 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

We know all of our fans are big planners. Hopefully this 39.5 year advance notice will be enough and you don’t have anything currently on your calendar at that time. The 50th anniversary celebration will happen with The Mini Golf Guys at the fresh age of 72, and should be quite the moment as the longest miniature golf tournament in the world’s history will come to an end after 50 years.

Why South Carolina for the biggest mini golf event?

After much debate, the choice to bring our marquee event to South Carolina was made because it appears to be the most mini golf-crazed area in the United States of America. It’s a whole different world there, including more than 500 holes of mini golf along one strip in the state alone.

Learn more about the state’s mini golf in this 2014 story from VICE Sports.

See you in South Carolina!

If you have any ideas for ways we can best celebrate this, we’d love to see them. You can post on our Facebook event, comment your great ideas on our Instagram profile or e-mail them to hello@theminigolfguys.com!

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2019 Trip Details Coming Soon

For those looking forward to our 2019 event, we want you to know details should be announced February 1. We’re beyond excited about what we’ve got planned for this year. It’s taking the fun we’ve been having for a decade, and the steps forward we took last year to a whole different level!