What is Children’s Home Society of Virginia?

We have already heard the question a couple times, and it is something we’re fully expecting to hear more as we prepare for the 11th annual The Mini Golf Guys trip:

  • Who is Children’s Home Society of Virginia?

  • Why are The Mini Golf Guys trying to raise money for them?

The bottom line is that we want to make a positive impact in people’s lives, and so does CHSVA. Look no further than their mission statement.

Children’s Home Society of Virginia Mission Statement

“To build strong, permanent families and lifelong relationship for Virginia’s at-risk children and youth.”

So what does that mean?

That means that they do the seemingly impossible, but so meaningful, work of helping children find their permanent family. According to their website, they’ve successfully facilitated placement of more than 13,500 children into safe and permanent homes since they were founded in 1900. That’s roughly one adoption every three days for more than a century. Holy cow. That is 13,500 children, and countless more people. Think about how many new parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, neighbors, etc. have their lives improved by these children. It’s amazing to think about, and hopefully it’s everything you need to know about why CHSVA was the perfect partner for us.

“At Children’s Home Society of Virginia, we believe every child deserves a home,” said Nadine Marsh-Carter, JD, Chief Executive Officer of CHSVA in a letter on the CHSVA website. “For 118 years, we have been dedicated to our mission of service to children and families in the commonwealth. We believe families are the cornerstone of a healthy community, and we work diligently to transform our community by creating and supporting families in which children are able to thrive.

“We are passionately committed to finding a permanent family for every child.”

So we said you had probably heard all you needed to, but then Nadine swung and nailed it out of the park. This organization does work that means so much. The Mini Golf Guys are beyond excited to raise money for and awareness to their work this year.

Each of us grew up with a mother and father who loved us. We had the opportunity to learn why education was important. We learned what we were capable of. We had cousins, aunts and uncles we could depend on. This year by partnering with and showcasing the important work CHSVA does, we hope to help others find that same kind of opportunity.

“Hopefully when we can look back at our adventure in Virginia, we’ll be proud of the work we’ve done,” said Anthony Haakenson, the tallest of The Mini Golf Guys. “... make it easier for even one child to develop the kinds of friendships we have.”

That’s really what it comes down to for us, and why we think CHSVA is a cause that is well worth every penny that’s donated to them. Friendships enrich life in so many ways and CHSVA is helping youth gain the stability needed to make true, lifelong friendships.

What your donations will do for Children’s Home Society of Virginia

Funds you donate will go not be directly tied to any one specific thing the CHSVA does. Instead, the unrestricted funds will help them continue their mission of making a difference.

  • More than 13,500 children have found their permanent home over the last 118+ years.

  • “We Believe in Permanence.” - This means solutions aren’t just a feel good, newspaper-headline-grabbing story. Lives are improved for the long run. As the board of directors chair Kathryn S. Wall says, “CHS is committed to create families for all children.”

  • At any given time there are normally more than 700 children in Virginia available for adoption. Your donation will help them find family.

  • Equity - This organization is ready to help all, and has treated us like family from the start. Equity is right in their values, “we take an all-inclusive approach to service delivery where everyone is valued and respected.”

  • The Possibilities Project - This effort helps those who couldn’t be helped as children. It provides housing, life-skills training, counseling and case management for youth who have aged out of the foster care system.

  • 24/7 pregnancy counseling - This is offered at no charge to those in need.

  • Wendy’s Wonderful Kids - Never frozen, this is a signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. CHSVA is one of three Virginia recruiters for the program.

  • Help children like Josslyn, an 11-year-old girl who found her forever home. Hear from her and her new parents Joy and Glenn on this story on WTVR CBS 6.

To donate to CHSVA and the amazing work they do, go to chsva.org/minigolfguys.