Mini Golf Legend Lee Stoddard Remembered by The Mini Golf Guys

Of course mini golf legend Lee Stoddard was the one working when The Mini Golf Guys arrived unannounced at Dolphin Mini Golf in Boothbay, Maine in early June of 2018. The guy lived and breathed mini golf. He was the second person named to the U.S. ProMiniGolf Hall of Fame. He competed in and won many tournaments. He designed and created his own course. Most impressively, he used that course to raise more than $100,000 for Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Lee Stoddard shooting at Dolphin Mini Golf.jpg

Stoddard and his staff at Dolphin Mini Golf had no idea we were coming that day, but they were immediately welcoming to us. Stoddard told us all about his mini golf career. We came into his course that day with no knowledge that there was a hall of fame. We had no idea Myrtle Beach was the ultimate hot bed of mini golf. We had no idea there was a national tournament.

He took the time to explain the process he underwent to design and build his entire course. He told us stories about the people who have tried to master it, bragging about the fact that you can hit a hole in one on every hole “if you hit it in the right spot with the right speed.” He boasted about his course being listed in the 2008 congressional record. He explained how the the course was featured in the New York Times in 2008 when the national tournament was hosted there - the only time it’s been hosted outside of Myrtle Beach. He showed us how to hit a hole in one on the tricky 18th hole, one we all missed during our round at the course (you can see that on our Instagram page if you go to highlights and then legends). He even let us shoot a video talking to him about what his mini golf career has been like.

It felt magical that day.

We posted a photo on our Instagram page (@TheMiniGolfGuys) of Lee when we left the course. Last week the good folks at The Putting Penguin found that photo. They updated us that Lee passed away in late 2018. We were devastated by the news.

Below we’ve posted the video we shot with him that day, and a bunch of other links to allow you to learn more about this legend in the sport of mini golf.

Learn more about Mini Golf legend Lee Stoddard

While we didn’t know Lee well, we feel lucky to have had the opportunity to meet him and spend a couple hours at his course with him. We wish his family well, and ask anyone who can afford to, to donate to Shriners Hospitals for Children. Donations are accepted anytime here,