Tony officially enters dynasty status as #MiniInMaine comes to a rainy end

“What are you guys doing out there playing in the rain?” 

As Mike, Tony and Alex putted around a well-worn, but charming campground mini golf course in southern Maine late in the AM hours on a Monday in early June, there was a passerbyer that couldn’t help but stop what she was doing to question how we got to this point. It’s understandable. But for us, it’s a place we couldn’t be happier to be in. Being there in that moment was about our commitment to the dream of celebrating our friendship, miniature golf and the American dream. This year our five days in Maine were amazing. We shook the hands of longtime small business owners. We unexpectedly learned from legends of the game. We continued our commitment to the journey. 

This morning the journey wasn’t exactly easy - it rained through all three courses we played. One of them wasn’t open, so we had a heck of a time trying to find the maintenance worker who (thankfully!) let us in. But it was, of course, another memorable day. The highlights were meeting the owners of Mountain View Golf in Sanford, Maine and Salmon Falls River Camping Resort and Shipwrecked Mini Golf in Lebanon, Maine. These people are passionate about the sport, looking to make a difference in their community and showed us an overwhelming amount of hospitality.

Mountain View Golf has largest lobster on a mini golf course

Mountain View will definitely go down as one of our favorite courses. The owner designed some really unique holes that you’ll find nowhere else. One was the cousin of Winnie the Pooh, Willie the Poop, as he poops the ball out if you hit your first shot (which Tony did...). Another memorable one is pictured above where we posed with a huge lobsta. He knows the exact size and weight of that Maine-inspired monument. He also awarded Tony a medal for winning the round. 

Tony is leaving with more than just that medal and a trophy he won at Dolphin Mini Golf the day before. He’s leaving with that same ring he came with as he dominated this tournament for four of the five days, while very rarely claiming the title of course loser. It’s four straight years for the tall man, and it’s time to officially call his run a dynasty. 

Ultimately, that’s just a side show. The trip to Maine was an incredible one for the three of us. We were honored by the people who showed interest in our stories. We were inspired by the high level of dedication the owners of these courses had. We continued a lifelong friendship with each other that’s only grown deeper as we’ve continued along our journey, through rainy times like today and the sunshine. 

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