A legend is met on day four of #MiniInMaine

The Mini Golf Guys have been to many courses. MANY courses over the years. We’ve met some great people, we’ve seen many grates over water hazards and tonight we met one of the most legendary people in all of mini golf.

Meet Lee Stoddard. U.S. Pro Mini Golf Hall of Famer, owner of a U.S. government-recognized mini golf course in Maine and all-around hell of a guy. Lee Stoddard’s bio on the ProMiniGolf page states, “Stoddard’s love for mini golf drove him to open his own course, Dolphin Mini Golf in Boothbay, Maine 25 years ago. He joined U.S. Pro Mini Golf Association in 1997, and held one of the USPMGA’s most prestigious tournaments: The US Open.” It was actually the first time the tournament left its home in South Carolina. 

This guy was a wonderful host, told some great stories and even showed us how to score a hole in one on the tricky 18th green. The Dolphin Mini Golf course was completely designed by him and his family, with attention to detail throughout the course. For being a 25+ year old course, it was quite impressive. The best part: He knows the trick to get a hole in one on every hole. To us, that’s how mini golf should be played. The hope for a hole-in-one needs to always be there. Huge thanks to Lee!

In other highlights of the day, we thoroughly enjoyed a visit with Mary at Rockport Mini Golf. It’s a course that’s been open for more than 40 years, and in her family for more than two decades. The course was classic, but challenging. It was well taken care of, with some gorgeous shrubbery throughout the course. She told some memorable stories about her history with the sport, including a tragic story about the course’s original designer. He tragically passed away while designing his second course, but “he died doing what he loved,” Mary said. It was a moving conversation with the long-time mini golf enthusiast. 

Day Four of Mini Golf in Maine Side Notes

  1. The Rockport Mini Golf Course is for sale, if you’re interested in getting in the business, please make the purchase to keep this classic course kicking. Details: http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/773-Commercial-St-Rockport-ME/6445810/
  2. For the biggest fans of The Mini Golf Guys, a little preview: We shot video interviews with Lee and Mary. We’ll get those out to you guys during the off season. You’ll love those videos. 

In other news, we enjoyed some more Gifford’s Ice Cream at Deb’s Ice Cream & Mini Golfs, and we finished the night at Poland Springs Resort, and its creative nine-hole course. Shoutout to Pearl and Megan at Poland Springs, who stayed up for an extra hour for us. 

As for results - the ugly got uglier. Tony has basically clinched the 2018 title, making it four straight years he might win, for seven wins in total, for the first 10 years we have played. More to come on that tomorrow. As we finish up our trip with three courses on Monday morning - Shaw’s Ridge Farm Ice Cream, BBQ Barn & Mini Golf, Mountain View Golf Range and Salmon Falls River Camping Resort / Shipwrecked Mini Golf. 

The Mini Golf Guys with Mary at Rockport Mini Golf in Rockport, ME.  

The Mini Golf Guys with Mary at Rockport Mini Golf in Rockport, ME.