The Maine Attraction in 2018

Alex golfing at our first ever course, an abandoned course somewhere between Spooner and Siren, Wisconsin. Over the next three weeks we're making plans for the 11th annual trip as we go to Maine. 

The 2018 Mini Golf Trip is right around the corner, and it’s definitely the Maine thing on our collective minds as we get to planning. Get it? We're going to Maine. Our 10th state!

Creating a route is a fun part of the process. We try to make the best plan that includes visiting great places that give us a bit of the local flavor, keeping it as affordable as we can, making sure we hit up some really fun and entertaining places, and mostly get a lot of mini golf in! 

There easily looks to be about 15-20 courses in Maine, maybe more. Over the next week we’ll be exploring all of those to make sure we hit them up, but at this point we’re also looking for your ideas on places we need to go in Maine. Any ideas on places we need to go?

  • A restaurant you loved?
  • A park we’ll never forget?
  • A microbrewery we can’t leave Maine without trying?
  • A minor league #sports event we need to attend? 

If you have any great ideas, be sure to reach out to Michael, Alex or Tony with your idea! If you don’t know any of us, well then head over to our contact page