2017 was a year of firsts, ats

Hello followers! Better late than never, i always say.

I have delayed writing this update for a couple months as life has been busy. I apologize for keeping ya'll waiting, as i'm sure you've been doing so with bated breathe which is never fun.


Speaking of life getting busy... this is one of the main reasons we aim to keep this tournament alive. It provides a foundation for an annual trip to take place, where one otherwise wouldn't, or would at best be less frequent. It provides a framework and an expectation that we will always make this trip work with our schedules, regardless of whatever else we may have going on. Let's face it, humans tend to fall into routine, and sometimes that routine unfortunately phases out time with friends and family when other facets of adulting get in the way. Similar to finding the room for dessert after a large Midwestern meal, though, humans are also good at making time for the stuff we find important.

Us three cherish this trip and the time we are able to spend together. It's important to us, and life getting busy won't get in the way. With that, our 9th annual mini golf tournament is behind us, further cementing my tremendous lead over Alex and Mike, and with the polls telling me Phoenix gave us our greatest spectator turn out, ever!

Looking forward to year X! We are headed to Maine at the end of May, 2018! and don't forget... while Jeremy "Blackburn" has claimed the 2018 winner's mini golf ball with his prediction of Mike as the winner, we are still accepting additional predictions that could lock in the 2nd or 3rd place ball for your collection!

This article was written by the 2017 champion, Tony Haakenson.