Tony adds another title to his championship history

The competition was fierce during the Wichita portion of the mini golf tournament of a lifetime, all the way down to the wire in fact. When the dust settled it was the tall boy, Tony, who claimed the championship. He shot a total of 885, just six shots better than Mike, to earn the 2016 championship title of Kansas. 


  1. Tony 885
  2. Mike 891
  3. Alex 911

Tony held the lead early, winning the first round of the trip, but Alex and Mike took turns winning the next four rounds. Even with that, Tony remained in contention. He won three of four rounds in the middle of the trip to take a commanding lead. In those four rounds he totaled 172, while Mike totaled 182 and Alex totaled 198.

Tony has now won five states, two more than Alex (2) and Mike (1) combined. The group's next outing will be in Phoenix, Arizona. 

A big shoutout to everyone in Wichita who held us along the way, especially our new friend Gary. We also want to thank other people, most of whom have names.