The Mini Golf Guys raising money for children in Virginia in 2019

The Mini Golf Guys raising money for children in Virginia in 2019

The longest running miniature golf tournament in the world’s history will make a stop in Virginia as The Mini Golf Guys compete in their tournament and raise money for the Children's Home Society of Virginia in August 2019.

Tony officially enters dynasty status as #MiniInMaine comes to a rainy end

“What are you guys doing out there playing in the rain?” 

As Mike, Tony and Alex putted around a well-worn, but charming campground mini golf course in southern Maine late in the AM hours on a Monday in early June, there was a passerbyer that couldn’t help but stop what she was doing to question how we got to this point. It’s understandable. But for us, it’s a place we couldn’t be happier to be in. Being there in that moment was about our commitment to the dream of celebrating our friendship, miniature golf and the American dream. This year our five days in Maine were amazing. We shook the hands of longtime small business owners. We unexpectedly learned from legends of the game. We continued our commitment to the journey. 

This morning the journey wasn’t exactly easy - it rained through all three courses we played. One of them wasn’t open, so we had a heck of a time trying to find the maintenance worker who (thankfully!) let us in. But it was, of course, another memorable day. The highlights were meeting the owners of Mountain View Golf in Sanford, Maine and Salmon Falls River Camping Resort and Shipwrecked Mini Golf in Lebanon, Maine. These people are passionate about the sport, looking to make a difference in their community and showed us an overwhelming amount of hospitality.

Mountain View Golf has largest lobster on a mini golf course

Mountain View will definitely go down as one of our favorite courses. The owner designed some really unique holes that you’ll find nowhere else. One was the cousin of Winnie the Pooh, Willie the Poop, as he poops the ball out if you hit your first shot (which Tony did...). Another memorable one is pictured above where we posed with a huge lobsta. He knows the exact size and weight of that Maine-inspired monument. He also awarded Tony a medal for winning the round. 

Tony is leaving with more than just that medal and a trophy he won at Dolphin Mini Golf the day before. He’s leaving with that same ring he came with as he dominated this tournament for four of the five days, while very rarely claiming the title of course loser. It’s four straight years for the tall man, and it’s time to officially call his run a dynasty. 

Ultimately, that’s just a side show. The trip to Maine was an incredible one for the three of us. We were honored by the people who showed interest in our stories. We were inspired by the high level of dedication the owners of these courses had. We continued a lifelong friendship with each other that’s only grown deeper as we’ve continued along our journey, through rainy times like today and the sunshine. 

Thank you to Maine and all the wonderful people we met along the way! To relive the good times, we urge you to get on and follow us on Instagram. While on our page, you can sort through some of the best highlights, including sections dedicated to hole-in-one’s, animals we met along the way and much, much more. You can also expect to learn more about our travels by bookmarking this website. We have no idea where 2019 will take us, but we can tell you there are 40 states left to be explored, and we won’t stop until we get to all of them!  

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A legend is met on day four of #MiniInMaine

The Mini Golf Guys have been to many courses. MANY courses over the years. We’ve met some great people, we’ve seen many grates over water hazards and tonight we met one of the most legendary people in all of mini golf.

Meet Lee Stoddard. U.S. Pro Mini Golf Hall of Famer, owner of a U.S. government-recognized mini golf course in Maine and all-around hell of a guy. Lee Stoddard’s bio on the ProMiniGolf page states, “Stoddard’s love for mini golf drove him to open his own course, Dolphin Mini Golf in Boothbay, Maine 25 years ago. He joined U.S. Pro Mini Golf Association in 1997, and held one of the USPMGA’s most prestigious tournaments: The US Open.” It was actually the first time the tournament left its home in South Carolina. 

This guy was a wonderful host, told some great stories and even showed us how to score a hole in one on the tricky 18th green. The Dolphin Mini Golf course was completely designed by him and his family, with attention to detail throughout the course. For being a 25+ year old course, it was quite impressive. The best part: He knows the trick to get a hole in one on every hole. To us, that’s how mini golf should be played. The hope for a hole-in-one needs to always be there. Huge thanks to Lee!

In other highlights of the day, we thoroughly enjoyed a visit with Mary at Rockport Mini Golf. It’s a course that’s been open for more than 40 years, and in her family for more than two decades. The course was classic, but challenging. It was well taken care of, with some gorgeous shrubbery throughout the course. She told some memorable stories about her history with the sport, including a tragic story about the course’s original designer. He tragically passed away while designing his second course, but “he died doing what he loved,” Mary said. It was a moving conversation with the long-time mini golf enthusiast. 

Day Four of Mini Golf in Maine Side Notes

  1. The Rockport Mini Golf Course is for sale, if you’re interested in getting in the business, please make the purchase to keep this classic course kicking. Details:
  2. For the biggest fans of The Mini Golf Guys, a little preview: We shot video interviews with Lee and Mary. We’ll get those out to you guys during the off season. You’ll love those videos. 

In other news, we enjoyed some more Gifford’s Ice Cream at Deb’s Ice Cream & Mini Golfs, and we finished the night at Poland Springs Resort, and its creative nine-hole course. Shoutout to Pearl and Megan at Poland Springs, who stayed up for an extra hour for us. 

As for results - the ugly got uglier. Tony has basically clinched the 2018 title, making it four straight years he might win, for seven wins in total, for the first 10 years we have played. More to come on that tomorrow. As we finish up our trip with three courses on Monday morning - Shaw’s Ridge Farm Ice Cream, BBQ Barn & Mini Golf, Mountain View Golf Range and Salmon Falls River Camping Resort / Shipwrecked Mini Golf. 

The Mini Golf Guys with Mary at Rockport Mini Golf in Rockport, ME.  

The Mini Golf Guys with Mary at Rockport Mini Golf in Rockport, ME.  

#NewMiniFriends highlight day three in Maine

The Mini Golf Guys was the buzz on the course in Bar Harbor today as the crew played 36 holes that included several with people who had seen the story on WABI TV5 in Bangor the night before or early this morning. The best was our new friends Lisa and Tobey, who were right before us in our final round. We took a photo with Lisa on the newly constructed pirate ship at Pirate’s Cove Adventure Park. You can see that photo on our Instagram page

In addition to that course, we played Traditions Golf Center in Holden and Wild Acadia Fun Park & Water Slides in Trenton. We’re now exploring Bar Harbor for the night, including finding some lobster. We’ve heard many great suggestions for places to find some, and now it’s all about narrowing it down to the right suggestion. Sidenote: The views of the ocean are beautiful out this way.

As for results. Well, Tony continues to run away with it. He’s 18 up on Alex and 39 up on Mike. Back-to-back-to-back-to-back is looking very likely. This is all despite that Tony has only won six of the 18 courses we’ve played. In fact, Mike has won the most courses, with seven course victories. The highlight of his seven wins is that three of his wins came in extra tie-breaking holes. Another note of interest, we crushed it on one hole at Pirate’s Cove, with all three of us getting a hole in one on the same hole. Tony said it’s the first time it’s ever happened. Mike also went back-to-back-to-back with hole in ones. It was real nice. 

Tomorrow will be the biggest day of the tournament as we’re planning to play at least seven courses while making our way back to Saco, a southern suburb of Portland. We’ll see y’all then! 

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We showed off the ring to our #NewMiniFriend Lisa and her golfing partner Tobey while at Pirate’s Cove on Mount Desert Island tonight. 

We showed off the ring to our #NewMiniFriend Lisa and her golfing partner Tobey while at Pirate’s Cove on Mount Desert Island tonight. 

The Mini Golf Guys make TV debut

Day two of #MiniInMaine brought things to a new level - we were lucky enough to meet three of the ~40 people who work at the corporate office at Gifford’s Ice Cream in Skowhegan and we made our small screen debut as we met Morgan Sturdivant from WABI TV5 in Bangor. 

Sturdivant took the time to take a shot on the course with us, and did a great job telling our story. It played on the 5, 6 and 11 p.m. news on the local station, and the full story can be found on the WABI website. There’s even a teaser video of what showed up on the 5 p.m. news. Big thanks to Morgan, Angela and everyone else at WABI for showcasing our story. 

The stop at Gifford’s was cool for us as JC, Sadie and Sam made time to welcome us to their original course, which the family business took over more than 30 years ago. JC and Sadie joined us for a group photo, the one you see above. We also visited their course in Waterville, but were unfortuantely rained out before we finished it. The ice cream, though, was delicious (Tony enjoyed the Maine Wild Blueberry flavor with Caramel Sea Salt Truffle). We are also enjoying the t-shirts and hats they gave us. Thanks guys! It’s cool to see a brand like that, which is the official ice cream of the Boston Bruins, following our experience.

We also visited Benton Family Fun Park, Blackbeard’s and The Sports Arena, which were all awesome. We met the owners of the first two and spent time with a great bartender, Brent, at The Sports Arena, who recognized us the moment we talked in from our WABI TV5 appearance earlier in the night.

As for results - more of the same. Tony is up by nine over Alex and 25 over Mike. The fourth consecutive year of Tony winning is looking more and more realistic. As a whole, we have just under 2,000 strokes through two days. That’ll slow as we have a short day coming around tomorrow, before the marathon day on Sunday, and another short day Monday. More to come!  

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Morgan Sturdivant, from WABI TV5 in Bangor, joined us today on the course for our first TV interview!

Morgan Sturdivant, from WABI TV5 in Bangor, joined us today on the course for our first TV interview!

Maine - exceeding all expectations through day one

One heck of a first day for #MiniInMaine! ... of course Tony is winning, but more on that later. The people and the courses have been amazing so far. We played eight rounds at seven locations, rolling into Maine from Boston and playing our way north to Auburn. Below are a couple of the best highlights of the first day. 

Wells, Maine offers two incredible courses  

We started off our trip by going to the Wells Beach Resort Campground and Wonder Mountain Fun Park. Both courses were creative and taken care of by people that genuinely care about the sport. The resort campground was especially of high quality - great little challenges throughout as it was designed by a former NASA engineer. A huge shoutout to Andy at Wonder Mountain, who let us play all 36 holes before the place was actually open. That course includes some unique, classic holes, and a mountain that provides fun challenges. If you only get to do one of their courses, we suggest Mountain Mania. 

Schooner’s giant boat was a first for us

Donna and her husband run a great mini golf ship down in Saco at Schooner’s Miniature Golf as they live and work at the course, which features a giant boat for hole 11. It was a cool thing to see, and the slight movement of it offered a forgiving host to Mike as he won that round. They were great hosts for us, and that’s definitely a memorable course.

Tabers offers the best view with mini golf we’ve seen

Overlooking Lake Auburn, Tabers On the Lake is a restaurant and golf center that was an amazing final stop for us. We talked extensively with the course’s owner Dan, including getting some interesting behind-the-scenes looks at the business end of things. Dan and his wife revamped the course completely a couple years ago, and their passion for running a great business was obvious. If you go, definitely get yourself a double cheeseburger and the onion rings. They were both to die for. 

Final notes on Day 1

Of course, Tony is winning. He slow played it, but kept within striking distance.  Then he struck, winning the final round of the day by four strokes to take the lead. He’s one stroke ahead of Mike and six on Alex. His hope of going back-to-back-to-back-to-back is still alive.

More important than that, we have a new and better way for people to connect with us. Our Instagram story was a blast today, and we’re looking forward to keeping that going tomorrow as we hit two Gifford’s Ice Cream courses, hopefully get together with a reporter from WABI-TV5 in Bangor and of course, much more. 



The Mini Golf Guys explored Maine Indoor Karting, which has a neat indoor nine-hole course in its facility. Alex won that round, one of two rounds he won on the day.